How Social Mobile Embraces Android Zero-Touch

Social Mobile has worked with Google and Android for many years. We were excited when zero-touch launched officially for 8.0+ devices back in 2018 and worked to integrate it into our products and services as quickly as possible. Here’s how Social Mobile embraces Android zero-touch enrollment:

Introduction to Android Zero-Touch

Android Zero-touch was created to simplify and secure the on-boarding process for companies that use Android Enterprise devices. Zero-touch is Android’s cloud-based tool that is used to enroll corporate devices into an enterprise mobility management platform in bulk. Zero-touch enrollment is done online, by uploading device IMEI and serial numbers through Google’s client portal and selecting the proper profile (set of rules/permissions) to load onto each device. Once enrolled, the only way to un-enroll is through the online portal, preventing end users from disabling the management and using the device for other, unintended purposes.

As of this writing, many of the companies we speak with have still never heard of Android Zero-touch, and it costs them dearly. For companies with a large workforce, manually enrolling each device into management is extremely time consuming and expensive. Many companies outsource this “staging” process to a third party who charges anywhere from $30.00-$50.00 per device to complete this process.

We’re a Zero-Touch Reseller

Any and all devices purchased through Social Mobile are eligible to be added to the zero-touch console. If our customers don’t have a zero-touch console, we can create one during the ordering process, ready for customers to create configs and deploy devices ahead of delivery.

For customers wanting a little extra assistance, we can advise on how best to create and manage configurations, run customers through the customer console as a whole and offer training on this to ensure our customers are comfortable managing devices going forward. Just let us know!

We’re a Zero-Touch OEM

All of our bespoke, GMS certified devices support zero-touch as standard. They also fully support Android Enterprise generally and where possible (depending on requirements set out by our customers) align with Android Enterprise Recommended requirements and recommendations.

Not only do our customers get the latest and greatest, bloat-free version of Android, but customers can rest assured with frequent security updates for additional peace of mind.

We’re a Zero-Touch EMM

Our enterprise mobility management solution, Mambo EMM, is a validated zero-touch EMM and works flawlessly both with our devices and any others that support zero-touch today.

Speaking of all things zero-*, our solution, built on top of the Android Management API (AMAPI), equally offers zero-day support for new releases. It’s also extremely affordable and should our customers not have EMM solutions in place, compliments our devices very well.

How Can We Help?

If you’re looking for zero-touch solutions, services or devices, we’re more than happy to have a chat! Get in touch today via our contact page to let us know what you’re looking for.




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