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Consumer-grade devices don’t meet the needs of today’s enterprise.

Trying to use consumer devices is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. You can do it, but it’s not the right fit.

We’re really good at manufacturing custom Android devices. And we’ll make something that’s the right fit for your business. So you can focus on what you do best, and we’ll make sure your hardware is exactly what you need.

We make it simple to streamline your sourcing and cut costs. We’ll help you create the right hardware solution to support your business.

Companies save time, money, and overhead with custom devices.

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Better Device Value

Custom devices are built with the right features, and are often at least 20% less costly than the consumer equivalent.

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Global Availability

Sourcing devices consistently across regions is a major pain point for enterprise. Custom devices can be made for multiple markets, simplifying fleet management and deployment.

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No 3rd Party Provisioning

Custom devices are provisioned with your software and come with your branding, including all collateral material. Devices are delivered ready for deployment.

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Increased Security

Custom Android devices are Play Protect certified, with access to Play Store. Ensure security with OS updates every 90 days.

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Long Device Shelf-Life

Our custom enterprise grade hardware has 3+ years of availability. No more managing multiple device SKUs.

Choose from a range of form factors.

Wearables Tablets Set-top Box IoT Ruggedized POS Digital Signage Handheld
Let’s Talk About your Enterprise Device

How we manufacture custom Android solutions.

We work with you to identify the business needs, then we find solutions to suit.

Our product innovation group will work with you to conceptualize the right device. Not only will we help you design for where you are now, we’ll consider the future growth of your business to create a custom, future-proofed design.

Our team has years of wireless and Android experience, serving enterprise globally. We’re well-versed in the newest Android technologies for enterprise; as thought leaders in the space we’ve had a hand in creating the services.

Next, we design on-brand devices with the user experience in mind. Our team of in-house design specialists can take client needs and create thoughtful bespoke designs from the ground up.

Social Mobile will iterate on the look and feel of the device, with your feedback every step of the way.

When the design is approved, the product is engineered with the same quality parts and processes as high-end consumer devices. Our mechanical engineering group works hand-in-hand with our design group to make sure your device functions optimally. Devices undergo rigorous testing and are certified for use and safety.

  • Play Protect certified product
  • EVT, DVT, PVT Testing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Carrier Certification
  • Direct relationships with certification partners

We’re a Google MADA partner. You can rest easy knowing we’ve got your manufacturing covered.

  • Quality standard equivalent to high end consumer devices
  • High production capacity: 500K+ per month
  • Direct relationships with parts manufacturers
  • ISO certified Manufacturing

No third-party provisioning here! Your devices are market-ready.

  • Devices are provisioned with your software
  • Delivered with all necessary accessories
  • Branded box with collateral material included inside
  • Easily deploy with Android Zero Touch

How We Built a Custom Vaccine Management Solution for VaxCare

Social Mobile developed and deployed the first ever, Google-certified vaccine management solution – a comprehensive medical device integrating a medical-grade Android tablet with an integrated barcode scanner to help improve the operational inefficiencies associated with vaccine inventory management.


Android Enterprise Certified Partner
T-Mobile for Business Elite Partner
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