Enterprises Engage Social Mobile for Unique Smart Solutions

Solving Vaccine Administration Challenges – First-of-a-kind Devices

Goal: Help solve vaccine adminstration challenges during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with a first-of-its-kind device.

Streamlining Drug Inventory Management

Goal: To improve the operational inefficiencies associated with vaccination and other drug inventory management.

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Improving the Patient Experience in Hospitals

Goal: To improve patient experience during hospital stays and clinical office visits via a bespoke tablet.

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private label device

Restaurant Intelligence, Reinvented

Goal: To transform restaurants, improve experiences, and grow sales with an Android device.

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First Iteration of Digital Badge – Built in 100 Days

Goal: Bring to market a first iteration device within a very aggressive timeline tied to a Google GMS certification deadline.

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Rhino T5se Barcode Scanner