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From healthcare to transportation and logistics, our enterprise mobility solutions are built to suit any industry.

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Enterprise Mobility for Healthcare


Improve patient experience with devices made to suit the healthcare environment. Managing both in-patient and out-patient care becomes seamless with a comprehensive mobility solution. Patient recovery improves and re-admit rates decrease when comfort and communication are at the core of the experience.


Whether it’s fleet management, route optimization, or driver communication, our tailored solutions empower transportation companies to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced industry. With Android Enterprise-powered devices, we enable seamless coordination between drivers, dispatchers, and management, ensuring real-time visibility and actionable insights.

Enterprise Mobility for Transportation
Enterprise Mobility for Retail

Warehouse & Logistics.

Transform your warehousing and logistics operations with our cutting-edge enterprise mobility solutions, empowering your workforce to seamlessly manage inventory, track shipments, and optimize warehouse processes. Leveraging Android Enterprise-powered devices, our solutions ensure maximum efficiency and visibility throughout your supply chain.


Improve customer experience through a comprehensive device strategy in retail locations. Shorten long lines, provide multiple payment options, create clear signage, and streamline logistics using bespoke devices made for your organization.

Enterprise Mobility for Retail
Enterprise Mobility for Hospitality


Modernize your guest experience with mobility at the center of your offering. Custom devices allow your organization to stay on-brand from a smooth check-in through the rest of your guests’ stay.

Food & Beverage.

A bespoke devices strategy allows you to fine tune the dining experience. Utilize tablets for updated wait times and digital menus. Ensure secure checkout and data collection through waitstaff handhelds.

Enterprise Mobility for Food & Beverage
Enterprise Mobility for Defense and Military


Improve hands free capabilities while decreasing “head-down” time with a custom, rugged portfolio of devices, customized to provide advanced situational awareness on an enterprise solution architecture. Hardware designed with trust and security in mind, custom high performance Android Enterprise Devices allow end users to leverage all the functions Android has to offer while creating stability and availability not available with consumer devices.


12+ MILLION of our devices are in the wild today.


We operate in each of these verticals globally and provide each of our clients with solutions that enhance their day-to-day business operations, benefiting their bottom line and improving their customer loyalty and retention. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today.

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