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For your Android Enterprise estate, Mambo offers everything you need to manage your fleet, starting at $0 for up to 100 devices.

We built Mambo™ to fulfill the requirement of a simple, easy to use EMM to complement our devices should our customers need one.

We focus on the features best suited to dedicated devices by default, but as an Android Management API based solution, we support everything Google makes available, with zero-day support for new releases as standard.

Our EMM supports:

When an EMM is configured to support Android Enterprise, an enrollment undertaken by downloading an agent from the Play Store on an already-set up device will initiate the creation of a work profile.

With a work profile, the end-user controls the device (parent profile) while the organisation can only monitor & control the dedicated work profile.

The exception is the ability to enforce basic security requirements (passcode, debugging, etc) on the device.

Work profile strongly promotes user privacy.

Using any common provisioning method with a supported EMM, a device can be enrolled as fully managed. A fully managed device is intended for COBO use, offering no personal account or application management by default and instead only permitting the installation of approved applications through managed Google Play.

The organisation controls the whole device.

Remember! Fully managed devices require an EMM, both an enterprise wipe (retire) and a full wipe will perform a factory reset due to the EMM being removed from the device.

Single use can be many things: a point of sale device, a demo unit on a stand, a logistics scanner or a shared device in any number of settings. To enable COSU, the device must be provisioned as fully managed.

Once enrollment completes, the EMM may deploy either locktask mode or an EMM equivalent kiosk solution offering varying features, functionality and customisation.

The device will then lock down to one or multiple dedicated applications and not allow engagement with the underlying OS unless permitted.

For work profiles on fully supported devices, we’re as eager as you to roll this out. We’re just waiting on Google to support it. In the meantime we’d suggest work profile where separation of work and personal data is paramount (and restricting of device features is of lesser importance) or fully managed where personal use is a nice-to-have.




Deploy devices in bulk without opening the boxes.

Android Zero-touch enables large scale Android deployments across multiple corporate-owned devices so organizations can mobilize their employees efficiently.

Users can use devices immediately upon receipt; management, apps, and configurations are already implemented.

Social Mobile implements all projects with Zero-touch by default, which cuts device provisioning to a fraction of the time.

Social Mobile is a Google-approved Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) partner and authorized Android Zero-touch OEM.

Android Enterprise Recommended Social Mobile


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