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Features of Mambo

Enterprise Mobility Management is evolving rapidly, and we offer day-zero support for any new features that Android makes available. We will continue updating the list below to include any features that Mambo supports, with regards to device security, device management and application management.

Device Security

  • Set advanced passcode restrictions

  • Configure smart lock settings

  • Wipe and lock work data

  • Compliance enforcement

  • Disable debugging

  • Disable app installs other than Google Play

  • Block users from escaping locked down devices

  • Check device integrity

  • Enforce verify apps by default

  • Block external data transfers

  • Set lock screen restrictions

Device Management

  • Set and manage specific permission requests

  • Remotely configure WiFi settings

  • Control accessibility services settings

  • Block location sharing with apps in a work profile

  • Set location sharing preferences with work apps

  • Restrict factory reset

  • Reboot devices remotely

  • Disable cameras and screen captures for work apps

  • Kiosk mode

  • Advanced dedicated device features

  • Lock apps to dedicated device screens

  • Set default apps for specific activities

  • Set custom lock screen messages

  • Manage system updates and app updates

  • Geofencing

  • Geotracking

  • Remote Cast – Remote Control

Application Management

  • Managed Google Play in EMM console

  • Manage app licenses

  • Manage private apps

  • Publish self hosted private apps

  • Manage web apps

  • Manage Play store layout

  • Silently distribute work apps

  • Managed configuration support


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