Android Enterprise Tablets

Enterprise Grade Hardware Without the Sticker Shock

  • 3+ Year Availability

  • 3+ Year Availability

  • 90 Day Security Updates

  • GMS Certified

Tablets for Android Enterprise

Android Enterprise Tablet Requirements

Android Enterprise Tablets come standard with the following specs

Android Enterprise Tablet Models

With an 8″ screen providing ample real-estate, a focus on repairability and longevity and with a supplied rugged case right in the box, the Rhino T8 is the perfect companion in the office or out on site. View the T8.

Rhino T8 tablet

From the built-in POE support to the integrated VESA accessibility, the M22 is the largest GMS certified touchscreen on the market– it’s perfect for interactive digital signage or improving user experience industries such as healthcare or retail. View the M22.


Premium 10″ tablet designed with aluminum/polycarbonate construction and damage-resistant coated finish. The C10 is perfect for organizations looking for a high-quality, enterprise grade tablet. View the C10.

Rhino C10 tablet

The first ever GMS Certified EPOS with a built in thermal printere to every employee in a retail chain. The M10p was designed to withstand the chaotic kitchen environment. View the M10p.

Rhino M10p

Social Mobile’s Android Enterprise Tablet Features


11+ MILLION of our devices are out in the wild today.

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