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Security & Protection in a Mobile-First World

Why You Need Enterprise Mobility Management

With the increased usage of mobile devices in the workplace, companies are now exposed to more vulnerabilities than ever. In an effort to combat these vulnerabilities and ensure all company data is secure, organizations are turning to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions.

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EMM is software that allows employees to safely use mobile devices and applications that are managed remotely by the company’s IT department. Today’s enterprises are dealing with an increasing trend of employees using mobile devices and enterprise mobility management helps improve productivity and security for these employees by allowing only specific applications to be used on specific devices, on an as needed basis.

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Components that Comprise an EMM Solution

MDM refers to software that enables IT departments to secure and enforce policies on devices used in business, such as tablets or phones. Mobile device management is typically enforced by creating profiles for each device on the company’s network. Once the profile is created, the IT department can setup features like email, WIFI access, specific application access etc. If a device is lost or an employee is no longer with the company, the IT department can lock the device so that it can no longer be accessed (or even wipe the device clean).

For companies who don’t want to deal with the possibility of wiping employees’ personal devices, the optimal solution is mobile application management, or MAM. With a MAM solution, the device itself won’t get locked down, but IT has the ability to lock down specific apps and data that contain sensitive information pertinent to the business. The IT department can also push out updates to specific apps, at scale, with mobile application management. MAM provides the ability to leave personal data such as photos or messages untouched and inaccessible to IT, while still securing the vital and confidential business apps and information.

Mobile content management (MCM) or mobile information management (MIM) is another key feature of an EMM solution. In today’s world, collaboration is a huge part of business. Employees work together, even from remote locations, to accomplish a singular goal. Mobile content management helps employees collaborate by enabling access to documents, emails, notes etc. while working from different locations. While working remotely, the MCM system is making sure that all the data being transmitted is secure. Through encryption, MCM makes it safe for remote workers to transmit data across various networks and devices.

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Enterprise mobility management typically includes mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), & mobile information management (MIM). Whether your company is planning on giving out corporate owned devices or allowing employees to “bring your own device”, a proper enterprise mobility solution will allow you to maintain total control over confidential company data.

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