Forbes Tech Council Post: Do Consumer Devices Work For The Enterprise?

Social Mobile Founder & CEO Robert Morcos is a member of the Forbes Technology Council where he contributes thought leadership content. Below is an excerpt from his most recent article titled: “Do Consumer Devices Work for the Enterprise”

Being involved in the same industry for over two decades usually means that you are able to witness multiple innovations and changes that help shape the industry as we know it today. Typically, these changes are made to improve efficiency, productivity, scalability, costs and security. As these changes are implemented, businesses that take advantage of them will reap several benefits, while businesses that remain stagnant and averse to change will become less valuable to their customers. Business survival in today’s world depends on if you’re willing to embrace change for the better or not. If you adapt quickly, you’re going to be rewarded handsomely. If you’re resistant to these changes, you run the risk of becoming obsolete.forbes tech council

As technology has become more prevalent, so has the use of mobile devices for business. Employees’ desire and ability to work seamlessly from remote locations has led many businesses to adopt and deploy an enterprise mobility strategy. Enterprise mobility is a solution that allows employees to do their jobs from anywhere, whether in the office, on the road or even on vacation, by using devices such as smartphones, barcode scanners, kiosks, internet of things (IoT) devices or tablets for a dedicated purpose.

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