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Secure by design

Maintaining device security

An outdated device fleet is a vulnerable one. With Rhino, this won’t be a concern.

All Rhino devices benefit from security updates within 90 days of release from Google, normally sooner, for at least 3 years. Additionally, our devices will receive at least one letter upgrade.

Read below for more information on how we protect devices, corporate data and our commitment to ensuring our devices are always as secure as can be.

Bootloader protection

Rhino devices ship with locked bootloaders which cannot be unlocked via conventional methods. In order for a bootloader to be unlocked the user of the device must have an authorisation code provided by Rhino after submission of the request via a dedicated, known customer representative.

This significantly reduces the risk of device tampering, rooting, and the voiding of the Rhino Warranty.

We appreciate there may be legitimate usecases where an organisation may desire the bootloader is unlockable, and we encourage customers to get in touch if this is a requirement.

File Based Encryption

Introduced with Android 7.0 but often absent from modern Android devices, File Based Encryption (FBE) offers a more secure, more UX-friendly approach to Android encryption which greatly enhances how Android handles stored data.

All Rhino devices ship with FBE as standard, enabling direct boot support (no more inputting a passcode before the device boots) and the ability to encrypt different files with different keys. One such example is better supporting the Android Enterprise work profile to separately encrypt files on disk.

Payments? Passwords? TEE

Rhino devices utilise a Trusted Execution Environment to undertake secure and private activities. Leveraged for password authentication, biometrics, payments and more, relax in the knowledge your data is secure.

Signed images

Like our locked bootloaders, signed firmware images ensure only authorised flashtools are permitted when imaging Rhino devices. Unlike some OEMs on the market, where any version of a flashtool found online may potentially be used to flash an altered system image, Rhino devices will not accept flashtools other than the official Rhino imager.

This once again greatly improves security, customer peace of mind and ensures the Rhino warranty remains in place.


Rhino already ships with as little bloatware as possible, save for a few enterprise enhancements. Reducing bloat reduces risk, ensuring the likelihood of vulnerable applications shipping on Rhino devices is very low.

What’s more, we vet apps provided by our vendor/component partners to ensure we’re aware of every application preloaded on Rhino devices and their functions. See a list of those on the T8 here.

Google Play Protect

As with every GMS certified Android device, Rhino devices benefit from the powerful tools and services offered by Google, right out of the box.

Google’s Play Protect suite of services validate device attestation, ensure applications downloaded both from Google Play and the wider internet are safe, and works around the clock to ensure customers are protected when browsing the internet.

Scanning 50 billion apps a day, Play Protect is the most widely deployed mobile threat detection solution in the world.

Always up to date

Rhino models are listed below with each security update and its date of release. Missing an update? Get in touch with support for assistance.

Rhino T8 tablet

Rhino T8

Build Type Date Bulletin
T8(001)_20191217 MR 2019-12 Nov 2019



Rhino C10

Build Type Date Bulletin
C10(001)_20191216 MR 2019-12 Nov 2019