RHINO Mobility

RHINO Custom

Built for enterprise. Customized for you.

Mobile devices are everywhere across your business – whether being used by staff or by customers in-store. RHINO Custom enables clients to harness the power of your brand and customize our RHINO portfolio of enterprise-grade devices with your own logo.

  • A portfolio of enterprise-grade devices built for a range of industries
  • Customize device and packaging with your company’s logo
  • Increase brand strength and awareness with your own device lineup
RHINO Custom T80
RHINO Custom C6

Custom Devices

Send us your logo and we’ll brand and manufacture every device you order.

Custom Packaging

First impressions are important, so that’s why we also add your logo to the box.

RHINO Custom Packaging
RHINO Custom T100

Fast Production

Lightning fast production and manufacturing time so you can go-to-market as quickly as possible.

RHINO Custom Devices


Let’s start designing your custom enterprise mobility solution.