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Whether you need to power up, mount, or protect your device, we have the perfect accessories for you. Browse our selection of mounts, cases, and docks that are designed to fit our enterprise-grade devices.

RHINO Custom T80
RHINO Custom C6


Protect your investment with our durable cases.

  • Ensure prolonged usability
  • Improve grip and comfort
  • Withstand drops, scratches, and more


Effortlessly power up your devices with our charging docks.

  • Hassle-free charging with POGO pin compatibility
  • Clutter-free design
  • Charge multiple devices at once
RHINO Custom Packaging

ModTek™ Hard Case and Dock

ProClip ModTek™ System for RHINO T80 is the next generation of device mounting offering a direct USB-C connection for high-speed charging or data connection. The ModTek Hard Case provides unmatched protection shielding your tablet from wear and tear while the ModTek Dock is universally compatible with all current and future ModTek Hard Cases ensuring longevity and reducing overall costs.

Discover the ModTek Hard Case and Dock

IntelliSkin Hard Case

The IntelliSkin® Hard Case is a two-piece enclosure that includes a fully protected built-in USB Type-C connector that converts to flat pogo pads for charging and peripheral enablement. No more plugging and unplugging, dirt, damage, or debris interrupting your device’s connection.

Discover the IntelliSkin Hard Case


Let’s start designing your custom enterprise mobility solution.