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Take granular control of your RHINO devices

RHINO OEMConfig is a specialized feature that allows IT administrators to access and implement custom management policies specific to our RHINO devices. With the RHINO OEMConfig app, we provide a simple way to configure device settings beyond what is accessible through the Android OS. Admins can even apply save these settings to a device profile in our EMM and apply them in bulk to an entire device fleet.

  • Take complete control of your RHINO device

  • Granular level customization of hardware and software settings

  • Configure device settings in EMM portal

  • Apply settings in bulk to your entire device fleet

RHINO OEMConfig Features

Device Control and User Interface

  • Reconfigure hardware and software buttons

  • Change device display settings

  • Notification panel and status bar management

  • Keyguard and screen lock settings

App and System Management

  • Full customization of pre-installed system apps

  • Disable apps, set default values, and modify specific features

  • Adjust auto boot and shutdown settings

  • Choose apps to launch on device boot

  • Configure battery settings

Audio and Visual Settings

  • Define sound and haptic settings

  • Adjust camera and flash settings

  • Control vibration intensity

  • Enable location information


  • Adjust Bluetooth settings

  • Control Wi-Fi networks and radio state

  • Define NFC settings to read or write only

  • Configure GPS settings

Wireless Radio Settings

  • Enable specific cellular frequencies

  • Disable roaming

  • Adjust network settings

RHINO Custom

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