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What’s new in Mambo?

Read the release notes below to learn what’s new each month in Mambo.

APRIL 2020
  • UI enhancements across platform.
  • Payment gateway implementation for quick checkout and recurring billing.
  • Users can give each device a unique name to identify it.
    • The name chosen will be visible on the lock screen.
MARCH 2020
  • Geo-fencing: Geofencing allows admins to restrict the use of devices to certain locations such as office premises etc. Mambo now lets you define security policies based on the virtual perimeter chosen.
    • Bulk Geo-fencing. View all of your devices at once and select which devices belong in what geofence.
    • Updated functionality and enhancement on “Live Location”
    • Geo-fences can be attached to specific policies through use our “group” functionality.
    • Default backup policy. As soon as a device is outside of the geofence, a backup policy that you have already selected will be applied.
    • Admins will be notified by email as soon as a device outside the Geofence.
  • Policy duplication

    • 1 click policy duplication is extremely helpful for creating a new policy that should contain the same rules as an already existing policy with a few slight exceptions. Just click the clone button and then begin to make the small changes you want.
  • Enhanced kiosk mode customization for single app kiosk mode and multi-app kiosk mode.
    • Power button control
      • Power button available: The power menu is shown when a user long-presses the power button in kiosk mode.
      • Power button blocking: The power menu is not shown when a user long-presses the power button in kiosk mode.
    • Status bar control
      • Enabled: System info and notifications shown while in kiosk mode.
      • Disabled: System info and notifications are not shown while in kiosk mode.
      • System info only: Only system information is available in kiosk mode.
    • Navigation bar
      • Home and overview enabled: Home and overview buttons are enabled in kiosk mode.
      • Home and overview disabled: Home and overview buttons are blocked in kiosk mode.
      • Home button only: Home button is enabled in kiosk mode. Overview remains blocked.
    • System error messages
      • Enabled: all system error dialogs are displayed in kiosk mode.
      • Muted: all system error dialogs are not displayed in kiosk mode.
    • Device settings
      • Enabled: Access to the Settings app is allowed while in kiosk mode.
      • Disabled: Access to the Settings app is not allowed in kiosk mode.
  • Enhancements in Geo-fence features
    • Admin can add/edit the Geo-fence name.
  • System App Management
    • Admin can manage the access to system apps on the company-owned devices by allowing or disabling it through our system app management console.
  • Network Configuration
    • Admin can add multiple Wi-Fi network configurations for devices.
    • Wi-Fi can be used for device provisioning.
  • Enhancements in Securing a Device
    • Additional support to manage keyguard and keyguard settings
    • Improvements in lock and reset device passwords over the air.
  • Released Mambo’s Agent app to support more features
  • Mambo supports Geo-services that can be used with any device enrolled in mambo
    • Geofencing – add a fence and get notified if a device is out of the fence
    • Geotracking – track live location of a device
  • You can remotely wipe an application’s data. There is no need to uninstall the application
  • You can assign group based roles to new users for controlling specific devices and policies


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