Custom-Built Mobility Solutions for Enhanced Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management

Custom-Built Mobility Solutions for Enhanced Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management

The U.S. blood glucose monitoring system market is flourishing as healthcare companies increasingly adopt diabetes management devices to enhance diabetes care. According to the CDC, more than 133 million Americans live with diabetes or prediabetes. Thirty-one percent of individuals with diagnosed diabetes—or more than 10 million Americans—are treated with insulin and stand to benefit from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

Glucose monitoring devices use a small sensor inserted under the skin to measure glucose levels every few minutes and transmit the data to a mobile device. This enables patients and healthcare providers to track blood glucose levels and adjust treatment accordingly.

These glucose monitoring devices require a compatible, secure, and scalable mobile device to pair with, which poses some challenges for healthcare companies. They need a reliable and robust mobile device as well as a full mobility solution that can support their glucose diabetes monitoring and management needs.

In this article, we will explore how healthcare companies can leverage the power of mobile devices for glucose monitoring management, how Android Enterprise improves security and scalability, and provide some tips on what healthcare companies should look for in a mobile device.

Elevating Glucose Monitoring with Custom Devices

Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, a custom device can be tailored to specific needs, features, and functionality to ensure optimal performance when paired with glucose monitoring devices.

Customization could include anything from hardware to software; this encompasses adjustments such as screen size, battery capacity, camera specs, connectivity, SIM (or eSIM), and even an operating system like Android OS.

The advantages of a custom-built approach include enhanced data accuracy, seamless integration, and a personalized user experience, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Social Mobile’s commitment to innovation is reflected in our custom-built mobile devices, designed expressly for healthcare companies specializing in glucose monitoring and diabetes management.

Improving Security and Scalability with Android Enterprise

In the field of healthcare, data security is non-negotiable. That’s why our team leverages Android Enterprise, with its comprehensive set of tools and services that enhance security and scalability. With features like zero-touch enrollment, secure boot, and regular security updates, Android Enterprise ensures a secure and reliable environment for diabetes management.

With over 133 million Americans dealing with diabetes or prediabetes and more than 10 million using insulin, the scalability of Android Enterprise perfectly meets the expanding needs of healthcare. It offers a forward-looking solution that adjusts to evolving technologies, particularly benefiting the 31% of insulin users who could benefit from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), according to the CDC.

Comprehensive Mobility Solutions

Our mobility solutions extend beyond the device itself, encompassing a complete approach to device certification, provisioning, staging and kitting, and device management. Let’s explore each aspect:

Device Certification

Our devices undergo rigorous certification processes to meet industry standards, ensuring reliability and accuracy in glucose monitoring. Healthcare companies can trust in the precision of our devices, backed by thorough testing and validation.

Device Provisioning

Simplifying the onboarding process, our provisioning solutions streamline the setup of mobile devices, minimizing downtime and ensuring swift deployment. This is crucial in healthcare settings, where efficiency and accuracy are paramount.

Staging and Kitting

Our staging and kitting services ensure that healthcare organizations receive their devices fully assembled and configured to their specific requirements. This not only saves valuable time but also guarantees hassle-free integration with glucose monitoring systems.

Device Management

Our device management solutions empower healthcare companies with centralized control over their fleet of mobile devices. This includes real-time monitoring, updates, and troubleshooting capabilities, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

What Healthcare Companies Should Look For

When healthcare companies seek a mobile device for glucose monitoring and diabetes management, several factors should be prioritized:

Accuracy and Reliability

Precision in glucose monitoring is paramount. Our custom-built devices are engineered for accuracy and reliability, providing healthcare professionals with dependable data for informed decision-making.

Security Measures

With patient data at stake, security is a top concern. Android Enterprise integration fortifies our devices with advanced security features, ensuring compliance with stringent healthcare regulations.

Ease of Integration

Seamless integration with glucose monitoring systems is essential. Our comprehensive mobility solutions, from certification to provisioning and management, guarantee a hassle-free and efficient integration process.


Healthcare needs are dynamic, and scalability is key. Our devices, supported by Android Enterprise, offer a scalable solution that grows with the evolving demands of healthcare organizations.

Choosing Social Mobile: A Commitment to Healthcare Innovation

In the dynamic world of healthcare, the marriage of mobile devices and glucose monitoring opens new possibilities for improved patient care. At Social Mobile, we are proud to lead this transformation, offering healthcare companies a reliable and innovative solution for glucose monitoring management. Embrace the future of healthcare technology, where precision, security, and scalability converge to redefine the standards of glucose monitoring devices.

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