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Enabling the use of Android devices and apps in the workplace

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Why Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise is a set of devices, tools and services provided by Google to enable mobility in the workplace. Android is made for all businesses, regardless of industry. Android Enterprise also allows you to create custom apps, making anything possible for your company.

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With a focus on scalability, security, flexibility and management, Android Enterprise is the most logical solution for any use case. Android Enterprise provides management options for any kind of deployment.

Android Enterprise Covers all Aspects of Mobility

Social Mobile uses our decades worth of experience & knowledge to provide enterprises with the most employee-friendly and long lasting devices. Learn more about each phase of our private label development below.


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Android Enterprise Benefits All Industries

Improve patient experience with Android Enterprise devices made to suit the healthcare environment. Managing both in-patient and out-patient care becomes seamless thanks to the advances in Android Enterprise. Android Enterprise devices are used in the healthcare industry to assist with care management, vaccine dispensing, telemedicine, and patient engagement.

Android Enterprise is enabling the hospitality industry to modernize guest experience with mobility. The proper enterprise grade devices help hotels with improvements in guest check-ins, in-room entertainment, digital signage throughout the property, and housekeeping services.

Colleges, universities and large school districts require more advanced tools to meet their complex technology needs. Android Enterprise fills that void. With enhanced security features and 90 day security updates, institutions can rest assured that their student’s and faculty’s information remains secure.

Android Enterprise has brought major changes to the transportation industry. Enterprise grade hardware is built to withstand the tough environments they live in. Device management allows you to track the devices of your drivers while remaining in compliance with new regulations.

Android Enterprise helps improve customer experience through a comprehensive device strategy in retail locations. Shorten long lines, provide multiple payment options, create clear signage, and streamline logistics using Android Enterprise devices throughout your retail locations.

Android Enterprise allows restaurants to fine tune the dining experience for their customers. Android Enterprise tablets can be used in restaurants for updating wait times, digital menus, and pay at the table capabilities. Using the right hardware in a restaurant environment can increase customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.

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Social Mobile is a leader in designing and developing devices for the Android Enterprise ecosystem. No matter what your business needs are, Android Enterprise offers devices and solutions to help your organization utilize the latest mobile technologies. Android Enterprise offers a reliable EMM solution, Zero-touch enrollment, a managed Google Play store and OEMConfig. Our Android Enterprise expertise has allowed us to develop many first ever devices, in various different form factors for a number of different industries.


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