Social Mobile One

A custom enterprise mobility solution that combines hardware, accessories, device management, lifecycle management, and connectivity into a monthly subscription.

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Simplify Enterprise with Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Bundle your hardware, peripherals, accessories, and services into a monthly, per-device subscription fee. Device-as-a-Service allows you to scale and upgrade hardware over time, future proofing your mobility solution.

Custom Hardware

  • Fully customized

  • Enterprise-grade devices ranging from smartphones to tablets, point-of-sale terminals, and kiosks

  • Google Play Protect (previously known as GMS) Certified

  • Guaranteed available for a minimum of three years

Device Management Software

  • Mambo EMM

    • Built and secured with Android Enterprise
    • Developed and managed by Social Mobile
  • Social Mobile will also work with whichever MDM/EMM our client’s utilize today

Managed Mobility Services

  • Global staging and kitting

  • Asset tagging

  • Help desk

  • Device depot

  • Repair

  • Maintenance

Wireless Connectivity

  • Connect your devices to 5G and LTE networks

  • Global connection

  • Devices and users are always online and connected


Social Mobile ONE is a Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering for enterprise mobility solutions. The subscription-based service offers enterprise-grade hardware, device management software, managed mobility services and cellular connectivity.

By using the DaaS model, clients can avoid large upfront capital expenditure and pay a monthly fee per device. Social Mobile ONE offers fully customized hardware, device management software and managed mobility services, and wireless connectivity to 5G and LTE networks worldwide.

Social Mobile ONE is available now for all clients in the U.S. and worldwide.

  • One monthly fee per device

  • Lower upfront financial commitment

  • Predictable and scalable OpEx model

  • Optimize budgets through a single vendor

  • Device management software

  • Customized hardware

  • Managed mobility services

  • Wireless connectivity

Enterprise Mobility has many layers.

We meet with our clients to understand their requirements and develop a mobile solution that aligns with their go-to-market strategy for the product. We offer the services needed to make sure that your product conforms to your specifications and is ready for the next stage of development. Once the device specifications are approved, we begin the production process, building and testing the device to ensure it meets our customer’s needs.

We take into account our clients’ requirements and develop a specific deployment process based on those requirements. Social Mobile takes on the heavy lifting that comes with deploying a fleet of devices and getting them into the hands of the end users. Our services include:

  • Device inspection when it is received by Social Mobile
  • Wireless provisioning – activation of SIM or carrier plan, MACD management (Moves, Adds, Changes and Disconnects)
  • Porting of numbers, transfer of liability
  • MDM/EMM loading and configuration
  • Profile/Policy Management
  • Application Loading and Confirmation
  • Settings Management
  • Application restrictions
  • Accessory pairing
  • Kitting
  • Asset tagging/labeling

Social Mobile works with our customers to secure their devices and manage that application on an ongoing basis. We can support the implementation of EMMs such as Airwatch, MobileIron, or our in house solution, Mambo.

From consulting on which EMM is best for our client’s use case, assisting with the configuration and set up, to the ongoing support and maintenance, Social Mobile is your one stop to ensure devices are secure and only used for what you want them to be.

Social Mobile will provide full end to end device support with different tiers to suit our client’s needs. With 24/7 availability and multiple language options, Social Mobile can work with global companies to ensure their entire fleet of devices is supported at all times.

  • Up to 24x7x365 availability
  • Multilingual Support team
  • Multiple contact methods
  • Customer  Branded – Social Mobile answers as customer employees
  • Hardware Support
  • Software Support (i.e. MDM)
  • Carrier Administration (Moves, Adds, Changes, Disconnects)
  • Integration with current help desk structure
  • Integrated support of mobile policies, guidelines and systems

Social Mobile has key partnerships with carriers around the world and can offer competitive data plans for enterprises. We can help you optimize your telecom expenses by balancing voice and data pools across your deployment.

Device uptime is of the utmost importance to our customers. Whether they are devices used for check out in a retail environment, or devices that are utilized for healthcare monitoring, end users need to be able to rely that their devices will operate the way they are needed to. Social Mobile will manage a spare pool of devices for our customer’s and provide replacement devices when needed. We also will work to repair broken devices that are shipped back to us to put into the spare pool for future use. Services include:

  • Spare Pool Management
  • Overnight Replacement
  • Inoperable Device Triage/Inspection
  • In Warranty Management with OEM
  • Recycling/Disposal of Unusable Devices
  • Secure data wipe
  • Tiered repair pricing
Manage the disposal of end-of-life assets, including secure data protection.

Bring devices back with programs for device re-sell, recycling, and charitable donations.


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T-Mobile for Business Elite Partner
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