Rhino T8 Android Enterprise Tablet Certified for T-Mobile and AT&T

The Rhino T8 Offers a truly Scalable, Global solution for Enterprise to Securely Support Specialized Applications in Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Food Service, Transportation and Logistics.

Social Mobile announced that the Rhino T8 is now certified for use on the T-Mobile and AT&T networks. The Rhino T8 is a Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified, 8″ tablet with LTE connectivity support for most countries in the world, allowing organizations to deploy and manage a single solution in all geographies.

A leading provider of Android Enterprise solutions, Social Mobile offers custom mobile solutions intended to solve specific challenges for organizations. Starting with evaluating an organization’s existing challenges, Social Mobile develops a comprehensive, scalable, and secure solution that encompasses custom software, custom hardware, custom APIs and a single viewpoint to manage an entire fleet of devices from a centralized location. Additionally, Social Mobile offers a complete mobility as a service solution where devices can be purchased (CAPEX) or leased (OPEX) and packaged with optional data plans, deployment, RMA management, help desk and other services, all included in one monthly cost.

Rhino T8 Android Enterprise Tablet Angles

Rhino T8 Android Enterprise Tablet

As a GMS-certified device, Social Mobile has committed to supporting a three-year lifespan for the T8, making it a suitable option for use in a wide range of industries. The T8 has become a widely recognized option for enterprise due to security, cost, long term availability, extended support, and optional customizations.

“The Rhino T8 is an extremely powerful and versatile Android-powered tablet capable of supporting all types of custom applications, without the bloatware that is typically pre-loaded in consumer-grade offerings,” said Tyler Forst, President of Social Mobile. “Now certified with two major US telcos, the Rhino T8 is a no brainer for organizations searching for a cost-effective, scalable and readily available solution that can be trusted to support business-critical operations across industries and continents.”

Rhino T8 8" Tablet for Enterprise



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