Supercharge Your Business with Android Enterprise: A Winning Combination of Security and Productivity

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance security and productivity. Over 60% of the world’s workforce is comprised of mobile workers, counting 1.8 billion workers worldwide[1].

With the increasing reliance on mobile devices, it is crucial to ensure that enterprise devices are secure, efficiently managed, and optimized for productivity.

This is where Google’s Android Enterprise ecosystem comes into play; a comprehensive suite of management APIs and complementary solutions that offer numerous benefits for enterprises, enabling them to enhance security and boost productivity.

Not only is the Android operating system the most popular mobile OS in the world, but over 70% of enterprises have adopted Android Enterprise as their primary mobile platform, according to IDC.

Let’s dig into the benefits of Android Enterprise.

Simplify Employee Account Creation and Management

Android Enterprise offers organizations the ability to manage and silently deploy apps to employees’ devices seamlessly, without the need for individual Google accounts. This eliminates the manual creation and management of Google accounts for each employee, saving time and reducing the administrative burden. By streamlining the account creation process, it ensures that everyone has access to the tools required for their work, improving efficiency and productivity.

Google Play Protect and Verified Boot Offer Enhanced Security for Certified Devices

Google Play Protect, an extensive suite of security solutions offered by Google, is strengthened by its strategic alliances with ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium. Together, they provide an unparalleled antivirus service that scrutinizes hundreds of thousands of applications and conducts daily scans of 125 billion apps on Google Play, devices, and the web. Play Protect operates continuously, taking action against known potentially harmful applications (PHAs) discovered on a device. It proactively notifies users about known malicious websites via the Safe Browsing service. While Play Protect acknowledges its imperfections, it leverages cutting-edge machine learning techniques to continuously enhance its capabilities, delivering robust protection against a wide range of threats. Additionally, Android devices can be configured to safeguard against the installation of applications from untrusted sources.

Verified Boot is a security feature that ensures the integrity of the Android device’s software during the boot process. It prevents unauthorized changes to the device’s operating system and critical system files. When a device with Verified Boot is powered on, the bootloader checks the digital signatures of the boot image and system partition to verify their authenticity. If any unauthorized modifications are detected, the device will prevent the boot process, safeguarding the device against potential threats. This feature helps to maintain the security of the device and protect against malware or tampering attempts.

Simple, Consistent Management Across All Certified Devices

Managing a fleet of devices can be a daunting task for businesses, but Android Enterprise simplifies device management by providing a consistent set of management APIs across all certified devices. This enables businesses to utilize a single solution to configure, secure, and effectively manage their entire device fleet, regardless of the potential use of diverse device manufacturers or models within the organization.

By adopting this unified management approach, businesses can streamline device processes, reducing complexity. The integration of robust APIs directly into Play Protect certified devices ensures consistent and universal administration capabilities. Moreover, work-managed devices benefit from added security as unknown sources are disabled by default, minimizing the risks of unauthorized app installations. On top of that, a managed Google Play Protect environment only showcases applications explicitly approved by administrators, ensuring a controlled and secure app ecosystem.

Silent App Installation, Management, and Updates

Android Enterprise offers businesses the powerful capability of silent application installation and management, streamlining the deployment process for essential apps and updates. This eliminates the need for user intervention, ensuring that employees always have access to the latest tools and functionalities, ultimately boosting productivity. Furthermore, it simplifies system update management, enabling devices to stay up-to-date with crucial security patches and software enhancements. By automating these processes, businesses not only save valuable time but also minimize disruptions while maintaining a secure and productive environment.

In addition to its application features, it provides robust measures to safeguard sensitive company data and prevent unauthorized access. Through centralized management and control, administrators can enforce policies, remotely wipe devices in the event of loss or theft and ensure compliance with data protection regulations.

Use Case-Defined Deployments: From Kiosk Mode to Full Access

Businesses have the flexibility of use case-defined deployments, enabling them to customize device configurations based on specific requirements. This feature is particularly valuable as it enables organizations to customize device settings, policies, and applications to align with different use cases and user roles. Whether it’s configuring devices for frontline workers, sales teams, or executives, Android Enterprise provides the necessary tools to create deployment scenarios that optimize productivity and meet specific business needs.

One notable capability is Kiosk Mode – the ability to lock devices down to a single applications. This feature is especially useful in scenarios where devices are dedicated to a specific task or function, such as digital signage, kiosks, or point-of-sale systems. By restricting device usage to a single application, businesses can prevent unauthorized access or unintended actions, ensuring a focused and secure user experience.

Kiosk use cases can also include multiple applications presented in a custom launcher environment, that offer both multi-use and still locks down a device to only what an organization permits.

On the other hand, in certain scenarios, users may require access to a wide range of applications for personal use. With the “Work Profile” feature, businesses can create a separate and secure work environment on personal devices. This allows employees to use their own devices for work purposes while maintaining personal privacy and control. It ensures that corporate data and applications remain isolated and protected within the work profile, while personal apps and data remain unaffected.

The Best of Android Across All Form Factors and Industries

The Android operating system brings its best features to various form factors and industries, offering numerous benefits for businesses. Offering a wide range of device form factors supported by Android Enterprise, including smartphones, tablets, rugged devices, and even customized devices for specific industries. This versatility ensures that businesses can choose the most suitable devices for their specific needs, whether it’s equipping field workers with rugged tablets, providing sales teams with smartphones, or enabling healthcare professionals to utilize wearable devices.

Catering to a diverse range of industries, it acknowledges that each sector has unique requirements and compliance regulations. Whether in healthcare, retail, transportation, food and beverage, or any other industry, tailored features and configurations are provided to address specific challenges and demands.

For example, in the healthcare industry, Android Enterprise offers HIPAA compliance features to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive patient data. Moreover, with the scope to add in other industries and certifications such as NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership), which evaluates and certifies the security of commercial off-the-shelf IT products, Android Enterprise can expand its reach and cater to various sectors. In the retail industry, features like multi-app mode and kiosk mode enable efficient point-of-sale operations and digital signage, making Android Enterprise a versatile solution across different industries.

Social Mobile: Empowering Secure and Customizable Solutions for Android Enterprise

With Social Mobile’s exceptional services, businesses can fully leverage the benefits of enterprise mobility to enhance both security and productivity. As one of the few licensed manufacturers of Android Enterprise devices, Social Mobile specializes in creating custom hardware solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of organizations. From tablets and smartphones to wearables and kiosks, Social Mobile offers a comprehensive range of bespoke devices and mobility solutions for enterprise.

Our expertise extends beyond hardware, providing IT teams with a platform to efficiently manage and secure their entire fleet of devices. With encryption enabled on all devices, including AES 256-bit encryption as the baseline standard established by Google, Social Mobile ensures robust security measures. By entrusting the complete product lifecycle, including logistics and deployment, to Social Mobile, businesses can confidently embrace Android Enterprise, knowing they have a trusted partner by their side.

[1] VDC Mobile Worker Census 2023


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