Social Mobile Announces Next-Gen RHINO Mobility Devices are Android Enterprise Recommended and Certified for All U.S. Carriers

MIAMI, FLORIDA (October 30, 2023) – Social Mobile, a leader in delivering custom enterprise mobility solutions, is proud to announce that its latest RHINO Mobility™ devices – the RHINO C6, RHINO T80, and RHINO T100 – are now fully certified with all U.S. wireless carrier networks, in addition to being Android Enterprise Recommended.

Carrier certification is a significant investment and a rigorous process that ensures devices are optimized for superior performance and seamless integration on each network, including AT&T®, FirstNet®, T-Mobile®, Verizon®. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing top-notch mobility solutions to our valued enterprise clients.

What does this mean for our clients? It means enhanced connectivity, reliability, and security, making RHINO devices the ideal choice for businesses in all industries. Since all U.S. carriers have validated the security and performance of the RHINO portfolio, clients can deploy and manage a single SKU nationwide, as opposed to separate, carrier-specific models.

The Benefits of Using a Carrier Certified Device:

Optimal Network Performance: Our carrier-certified RHINO devices have undergone extensive testing in both lab and field environments to guarantee superior connectivity. Whether you are in a bustling urban area or a remote location, you can count on a seamless connection.

Enhanced Data Security: In an age where data protection is paramount, our devices meet the highest security standards to safeguard corporate data. You can trust that your sensitive information is secure when using RHINO devices.

Single SKU Deployment: With the entire RHINO portfolio certified across all U.S. wireless networks, clients only need to procure, deploy, and manage a single SKU nationwide – as opposed to carrier-specific models.

Seamless Integration and Management: Clients can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free integration of RHINO devices into their corporate networks thanks to certified testing with Android Play Protect and compatibility with leading EMM (enterprise mobility management) platforms for device management.

Social Mobile takes great pride in our commitment to quality, and carrier certification is a testament to our dedication to excellence. By choosing our devices, clients can be confident that they are investing in the best-in-class technology.

Jai Kishan Rao, Chief Product Officer at Social Mobile, emphasized the significance of carrier certification by stating, “At Social Mobile, we understand the critical importance of network compatibility and data security for our enterprise clients. Our carrier-certified devices, such as the RHINO, are engineered to meet these stringent requirements, providing a reliable, secure, and efficient mobile solution for clients.”

Android Enterprise Recommended

In addition to carrier certification, the next-gen RHINO Mobility devices are also Android Enterprise Recommended. By choosing our Android Enterprise Recommended devices, organizations can take advantage of a range of benefits, including enhanced security features, regular software updates, and exceptional support.

The next-gen RHINO Mobility devices are designed to meet the stringent requirements set by Google, ensuring they are both scalable and dependable, making them the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

RHINO Mobility: Built for Enterprise

RHINO Mobility specializes in enterprise-grade hardware with a dedicated portfolio of devices catering to clients of all sizes, from SMBs to global enterprises. Our hardware is designed exclusively for the Android Enterprise ecosystem and offers a selection of bespoke, high-quality devices suited to a range of industries and verticals.

The RHINO C6 handheld is perfect for enterprise clients who need a compact and powerful handheld for high-volume, long-term deployments. The RHINO C6 is available in 2 variants: the C6 and the C6R. The C6 base model features a fingerprint sensor for secure identity verification and access. The C6R features a removable battery to easily replace and extend the device’s lifecycle.

The RHINO T80 and RHINO T100 tablets are designed for enterprise use cases. With 8″ and 10″ screens respectively, these tablets are ideal for workers performing tasks that require more screen real estate or as kiosks and digital signage devices. Both the T80 and T100 feature global LTE, dual SIM connectivity with eSIM support, and POGO pins for easy docking and fast charging.

These new RHINO devices ship with Android 13, are Google Play Protect Certified, and powered by the Android Enterprise platform. And like all RHINO devices, the C6, T80, and T100 include a guaranteed minimum 3-year product availability, ensuring a steady supply for all clients.

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