Social Mobile Announces New Android Smartphone and Barcode Scanner Device Designed Specifically for Enterprise

RHINO PACE A1 Smartphone and RHINO T5se Handheld Barcode Scanner Offer Affordable Device Options to Support Enterprise Use-Cases Across a Wide Range of Industries, Including Healthcare, Retail, Warehousing, Logistics, Transportation, Hospitality, Education, and Military

MIAMI, Sept. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Social Mobile, an enterprise mobility solutions provider specializing in Android Enterprise development, today announced the immediate availability of its next-generation Android Enterprise devices specifically designed for a wide range of use-cases. The new, purpose-built RHINO PACE A1 smartphone and RHINO T5se handheld barcode scanner are both Google Mobile Services (GMS) certified devices that come with a guaranteed three-year lifespan, ensuring product availability and security along with business continuity, and significant return on investment.

“Our RHINO smartphone and handheld barcode scanner are both affordable yet extremely powerful products, leveraging the flexibility and security of the Android platform,” said Jason Bayton, Chief Product Officer at Social Mobile. “The PACE A1 has all the key functionality of today’s smartphones without the bloatware, and the T5se’s Honeywell scanner and MediaTek chipset offer superior performance and reliability, especially when compared to camera-based scanning solutions.”

Built for Enterprise

Both of the new RHINO devices are designed for use across different industries, including healthcare, retail, food and beverage, warehousing, logistics, hospitality, education, military, and more. Like all Rhino Mobility devices, they are:

  • Designed for high-volume deployments across an entire organization
  • Made to improve productivity of workers
  • Optimized to stay fully charged for an entire shift
  • Fully compatible with EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) platforms including Social Mobile’s Mambo Mobility

RHINO PACE A1 Front-Back FullRHINO PACE A1 Smartphone

A low-cost, 5.5-inch smartphone designed for all types of enterprise applications, the PACE A1 is Android Zero-touch ready, offering an intuitive easy-to-use device capable of supporting all types of applications at scale. Other features include:

  • Android OS 11.0 with no bloatware; upgradable to Android 12
  • Customizable hardware, software, and packaging
  • Available accessories including gel and rugged cases

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RHINO T5se Barcode ScannerRHINO T5se Handheld Barcode Scanner

The T5se is a lightweight, 5-inch handheld barcode scanner designed for enterprise use. It features an integrated Honeywell® scan engine, dedicated scan and Push-to-Talk (PTT) buttons, the MediaTek Genio 500 chipset, and sleek, modular battery pack that can be added to double battery capacity. Other features include:

  • Ergonomic, ambidextrous design with handheld control buttons that are easy-to-use
  • Integrated Honeywell┬« N670 series 2D scan engine
  • Android Zero-touch ready which enables fast deployment and easy usability for employees
  • 10-plus hour battery life, with additional modular battery functionality and fast charging
  • Built with multiple bands to operate as a global LTE SKU

“The RHINO T5se is a great example of how a partner like Social Mobile takes a Honeywell scan engine and creates an innovative device that addresses vertical market needs,” says Lori Haggart, Global General Manager Engines & Software at Honeywell. “The Social Mobile team recognizes that Honeywell’s 2D scan engines provide a great barcode scanning experience for their customers, and we’re proud to call them a Honeywell partner.”

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