Social Mobile Announces Shortlist for Global Mobile Awards

“As we continue to expand our footprint in healthcare, it’s an honor to be recognized by Mobile World Congress at the highest level of the mobility industry”

Robert Morcos, CEO, Social Mobile

Social Mobile proudly announces its inclusion as a shortlist nominee for the 2021 Global Mobile Awards for Outstanding Achievement – Best Innovation for COVID-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery.  Social Mobile’s joint application with VaxCare and Google Android highlights the work done to build the first ever GMS certified custom VaxCare Hub and Mobile Hub devices to help solve vaccine administration challenges in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Recognized in a recent case-study published by Google, the VaxCare Hub and Mobile Hub are first-of-their-kind GMS certified custom devices engineered and built with Social Mobile’s Android Enterprise expertise.  As a stationary, in-practice integrated device with a sleek 13-inch touchscreen, camera, and scanner, the VaxCare Hub supports health care professionals by making the process of administering vaccines (tracking dosages, accurately recording patient information, billing, etc.) seamless.  In addition, the Mobile Hub facilitates the same ease of vaccine administration in any remote location, which has become especially critical in the past year.

“As we continue to expand our footprint in healthcare, it’s an honor to be recognized by Mobile World Congress at the highest level of the mobility industry,” said Robert Morcos, Social Mobile CEO.

As noted in the Google Case Study, “the intense worldwide effort to vaccinate against COVID-19 has highlighted some of the core challenges that have always existed in expanding protections against preventable diseases.”  This was especially relevant as the administration of flu vaccines became unprecedently critical during the winter months of 2020 and 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic reached its height.  With millions of Americans afraid to enter medical offices to receive their flu-shots on account of COVID-19, the VaxCare Hub and Mobile Hub became critical in facilitating flu shots.  With the custom devices, healthcare workers could easily vaccinate patients (including entire families) outside the traditional in-office setting and ensure that the relevant record-keeping and administration processes were fully operational and more accurate and efficient.

The easy usability and ready deployment of the custom-designed VaxCare devices facilitated by Android Zero Touch, helped VaxCare’s network of more than 10,000 healthcare providers administer more than 650,000 shots and saw immunization rates increase by 54% year-over-year.


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