Deal Registration

  • Eligibility: Only authorized resellers or partners of Social Mobile are eligible to register a deal.
  • Pre-Registration Assessment: Before submitting a deal, conduct an initial assessment to determine if the opportunity meets Social Mobile’s criteria. This includes deal size, market potential, strategic importance, and alignment with our product portfolio. A customer introduction to Social Mobile is required.
  • Deal Registration Form: Partners must submit the deal registration form provided by Social Mobile at
  • Review and Approval: Social Mobile will review the deal registration submission and evaluate the opportunity based on specific criteria, such as partner eligibility, market potential, product fit, competitive landscape, customer interaction, and strategic alignment. Social Mobile may contact the partner to gather additional details if necessary.
  • Notification: Once the review process is complete, Social Mobile will notify the partner about the status of their deal registration submission. If approved, the partner will receive confirmation and deal protection for the specified period.
  • Deal Protection: Approved deal registrations will receive protection for 6 months on custom projects and 3 months for RHINO device projects, during which Social Mobile will not engage with or introduce the opportunity to another partner or internal sales team. This protects the registering partner’s right to pursue the opportunity.
  • Renewals and Extensions: Partners can apply for renewals or extensions based on the progress of the opportunity or customer’s ongoing needs. Social Mobile will review and approve such requests based on the established criteria.