Forbes Tech Council Post: How Telehealth and Mobile Devices Work Hand in Hand to Increase Health Outcomes

Social Mobile Founder & CEO Robert Morcos is a member of the Forbes Technology Council where he contributes thought leadership content. Below is an excerpt from his most recent article titled: “How Telehealth And Mobile Devices Work Hand In Hand To Increase Health Outcomes.”

Mobile devices have allowed society to become more efficient and more connected, even at great physical distances from each other. Recent trends have shown a steady increase in the use of mobile devices in healthcare as well, which means that mobile devices are now further contributing to society by allowing it to stay healthier. Companies all over the world have begun to think outside the box, brainstorming and bringing to market innovative ways to use technology in patient treatment and engagement.

Doctors can now treat many ailments without ever having in-person contact with a patient. Patients can now take photos of troublesome moles or rashes and can monitor their blood pressure all from the comfort of their own home. This information can be communicated safely to their practitioner, who can determine an effective course of treatment without any need for human contact.

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