Forbes Tech Council Post: Mobile Solutions For Retailers: Off The Shelf Or Private Label?

Social Mobile Founder & CEO Robert Morcos is a member of the Forbes Technology Council where he contributes thought leadership content. Below is an excerpt from his most recent article titled: “Mobile Solutions For Retailers: Off The Shelf Or Private Label?”

As businesses grow, so do the demands of consumers. Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever, and they have come to expect speed and ease in all facets of life. The surging popularity of on-demand services, such as Netflix and Uber, has led to a change in consumer behavior and has conditioned them to expect instant gratification on demand, with a shrinking desire for human interaction. Customer service is a critical factor in determining where consumers decide to allocate their disposable income.

To enable the highest level of customer satisfaction and retention, organizations are turning toward mobile devices to help their associates provide immediate solutions for their customers. The food service industry has made great strides in that direction, allowing servers to process payments at the table using tablets, ensuring a fast checkout and reducing the odds of a lost credit card situation.

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