About Us


At Social Mobile, we believe there is a better way to build and manage the devices that power enterprise. As an enterprise solutions provider, our objective is to help businesses realize their goals by providing a scalable, turnkey solution for their organization.

We believe our greatest skill is our ability to listen, and we’ve found that often businesses struggle to find the right devices to power their efforts. We design, build, and deploy Android-based enterprise solutions after we understand the needs of our clients, and then make these devices available for as long the client needs.

Founded in 2011, we now have over 11 million smart devices deployed across the U.S., Europe, Canada, Africa, and Latin America in multiple industries including Mobile Operators, National Retailers, Hospitality, Governments, and Educational Institutions. We’re built for efficiency from concept to market.

Let’s help your business get there too.



To revolutionize the private label wireless industry by providing the Enterprise market a true turnkey solution that is customizable and scalable



To empower brands by delivering the highest quality products and services to quickly and efficiently bring their ideas from concept to market



To be recognized and respected as a premier private label partner that provides the best customizable and scalable Android-based smart solutions for the Enterprise market

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