New Year, New Features

A new year means new features, and we are at it again with another Mambo release that includes more methods to further support the way you manage your device fleet.  We all know that each enterprise fleet represents a mix of various devices running on different operating systems versions and with a multitude of different attributes.  With the new dashboard customization, Mambo users can now easily design a dashboard with the graphs and data visualizations that matter most to them.  For example, users can easily view the breakdown of various devices by model, operating system version, or their update status.   

Also, with frequent updates relating to security, new OS versions, and other circumstances, ensuring visibility into each devices’ status and compliance with these various upgrades are absolutely critical.  As such, an additional widget has been made readily available that shows how many of the devices deployed within a fleet are up-to-date and how many still have updates pending.  This means you can have a quick, clear view into exactly how your devices are deployed, in real-time.  

Lastly, the newest release also includes broadcast message functionality, meaning the ability to send messages to individual or various selected devices, with the click of a button.  So, if a user deploys the new up-to-date device widget on their custom dashboard to determine if all devices in their fleet have implemented the latest upgrade and finds devices out of compliance, they can easily send a message to those devices reminding them to update and track the results. 

Game changing, if we may say so ourselves.